What’s new Laurel Lanes?

With a new season comes some exciting changes at Laurel Lanes!


What’s new Laurel Lanes? Splitz Bar & Grill just launched a new and improved menu in early September. The menu features new items from its appetizers to its entrees. The new appetizers include:  Potato Skins, Jalapeno Poppers and Pretzel Bites with a side of cheese sauce. Continue and you’ll find something for everyone with different selections among tacos, wings, tots, sandwiches, build your own burgers and pizza, wraps, entrees and salads. The new menu’s BIGGEST additions are the Belly Splitterz. Among these shareable monstrosities are the nacho mountain, fiesta tortilla pizza and the belly splitter sandwich, which come with the slogan “more challenging than a 7-10 split. Team effort recommended.” Not only have the food selections changed, but so did the look. The menu went from a multiple page booklet to a sleek front and back menu allowing for an easier read.

Projection Screens

Have your sports and bowling too! Laurel Lanes doesn’t want the entertainment to stop at bowling. A huge renovation project was just completed in mid-September. The back wall behind the lanes now features more than a dozen projection screens playing sports, music videos & more! You do not have to rush home in fear of missing the big game on Sunday any longer. Now, you can sit back order some wings and bowl while you watch your favorite team dominate the field. Family fun day…check!

Coffee Cocktails – Coming Soon!

Our new coffee menu will feature more than just some good caffeinated beverages. We’re upping the coffee game with seasonal alcoholic coffee selections.  They will contain flavors like butterscotch, pumpkin, peppermint and maple. All partnering with alcohols like rum, Jameson, Kahlua, tequila, bourbon and vodka. The best part of an alcoholic beverage containing coffee is that it’s delicious at any time of day. The menu will also have non-alcoholic favorites as well. Laurel Lanes will sell everything from Cappuccinos to Lattes, which can be cold or hot depending on your preference.  Flavor syrups will be available to make your boring cup of coffee fun! Stay tuned for the release date of the Specialty Coffee Menu.

What’s new Laurel Lanes?