Hi there!  I am Brenna the bowling ball. Bowling balls come in all different colors and sizes.  I am a pink 8 pound ball. My brother, Brendan, is an orange 10 pound ball and my best friend, Brittany, is a purple 7 pound ball!  I l live with all my friends at Laurel Lanes.  You can always come visit us at our home in the ball racks.

Every morning I wake up when the first bowlers arrive!  I love getting to know the people who come in to bowl with me, especially the kids from the summer camps.  It is so much fun listening to rockin’ music while watching the music videos that play on our giant screens all day long!  I also love getting tossed down the lanes — it’s like a water slide!  My favorite thing is getting to bounce back and forth against the bumpers.  Once I knock down the pins I go through an underground tube and up through the ball return so someone can pick me up and throw me down the lane again.

Friends, make sure you use a ball that fits your size so that your fingers don’t get stuck in me!  I don’t even mind greasy fingers (which I encounter quite often since so many of our patrons enjoy our scrumptious food while they bowl).  I usually go to sleep at around 2:00 AM — when the last bowlers leave for the night.  I then nestle in next to my friends and dream about the next day of fun ahead!