Calling all Frankensteins! Monster Factory Fun!

Halloween is just around the corner! Don’t let the spooky fun stop at home.

Laurel Lanes offers many exciting bowling games to use during your time with us. An all-time favorite among our young bowlers is Monster Factory. This is one of our 5 ball mini games, which means this is a great way for kids to practice for a full game. Let the kids discover what it was like to be Dr. Frankenstein as they create a monster as they bowl. Watch as their unique monster takes shape with each ball they roll down the lane. The more pins they knock down the cooler the body part gets!

Alright kids, let’s learn how Monster Factory works!

The first bowl will determine the body shape you will start with. Wow! Look you knocked down 5 pins so you get a blue-furry body and your brother knocked down 6 pins so he gets a robotic body!

Okay, now you’re ready to bowl for your monster’s legs. Will they be big, little or even have claws? Go ahead bowl to find out! Woah, those are some big-purple feet. I’m not sure if Laurel Lanes has big enough bowling shoes for your monster.

On to the next body part! A monster isn’t a monster without its big-scary arms, right?! You have to bowl to see just how creepy they will be. You knocked down 8 pins, great job! Oh my, look at those hairy things.

Now for the creepiest, scariest, goofiest body part of all…ITS HEAD! This is an important bowl. This determines if your monster will have multiple eyes, big teeth or maybe even horns! Way to go you knocked down 3 pins! Uh oh, that is a lot of teeth!

Your monster is almost complete. A monster is always in need of a sidekick minion. It’s time to determine which tiny monster will be by your monster’s side! So cool! Your monster’s minion only has one eye! They are quite the mysterious pair.

You did it; you built your original monster from scratch! Now for the best part of all! You get to take your creation home with you. All you have to do is ask one of our customer service team members for a print out. Now you can keep your brother out of your room by hanging your monster on your bedroom door!

Monster Factory Fun!

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