Fall 2019 Leagues

***Please call for League Availability***


Monday Night Mixed

Starts Sept. 9th at 6:30pm, 4 per team

Fun Mixed League 

Laurel Monday Men

Starts Sept. 9th at 6:30pm, 5 per team

Men’s League

Golden Age

Starts Sept. 9th at 12:15pm, 4 per team

Senior Fun League

Pigskins & Pins

Starts Sept. 16th at 8:15pm, 4 per lane.  Includes an NFL bowling ball!  Dollar hotdogs throughout Monday Night Football.  *Sign-up as an individual, couple, OR team.


Garden Club

Starts at Sept. 10th 9:25am, 3 per team

Ladies League

Great for early rising bowlers!

Country Farms

Starts Sept. 3rd at 9:25am, 3 per team

Fun Morning Women’s League

Senior Starlite

Starts at 12:30pm

Fun Senior Group

Color pin shots!

Tuesday Mixed Trios

Starts at 6:20pm, 3 per team

Fun, Mixed League

Tuesday Night Out

Starts at 6:30pm, 4 per team

Fun, Mixed League

*Short 14 week season

Rainbow Rollers

Starts Sept. 3rd at 8:30pm, 3 per team

LGBT League


Early Birds Club

Starts at 9:15am, 3 per team

Womens League for Early Risers!

South Jersey Seniors

Starts Sept. 4th at 10am, 3 per team

Fun Senior League, Any Combination

C.C. Mixed

Starts Sept. 4th at 6:30pm, 4 per Team

Mixed League

Wednesday Mixed Cocktails

Starts Sept. 4th at 8pm, 4 per team

Mixed Fun League

EBI Classic

Starts August 28th at 8pm, 4 per team. 

Mixed league, sanctioned, Peterson-style point system. 

Big Prize Fund league. 

1st Place $2000 per quarter (based on 12 teams)


Rainbow Ladies

Starts Sept. 5th at 4:30pm, 3 per team

Fun Afternoon Ladies League

Thursday Night Fun Foursomes

Starts Sept. 5th at 6:55pm, 4 per team

Haddonfield Council

Starts Sept. 5th at 8:10pm, 4 per team

Men’s League


Haddon 65

Starts at 9:30am

Senior Rec Group

Laurel Lanes Seniors

Starts at 10am, 3 per team

Fun League, Any Combination

Villagers Seniors

Starts at 10am, 4 per team

Senior League


Starts Sept. 6th at 6:30pm, 4 per team

Competitive Mixed League


Laurel Juniors

Starts Sept. 7th at 9:30am, 3 per team

Junior League

Fun For All Ages!


NFL League

Starts Sept. 8th at 9:30am, 2 per team

Mixed Doubles League

Get done in time for NFL football games!

Sunday Funday League

Starts Sept. 8th at 7pm, 4 per team

A fun, social, mixed league… and a “striking” end to the weekend!

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